About Us

about us

Hello. We’re TheHealthyTree Company, a small team of SUPER-foodies based in Oxfordshire, England. We all share a deep-rooted PASSION for organic superfoods and the way that they can make you feel, both inside and out. As a general rule, we have a couple of fundamental beliefs:

1. When it comes to nourishing whole foods, simple is always better.

2. There are far too many foods and snacks out there which are full of useless stuff that our remarkable bodies: a) don’t need; and b) often do us more harm than good.

So our products are just how nature intended them to be - we do EVERYTHING we can to do as LITTLE as we can to change the way they were when first pulled from the ground, root or tree. Not only that, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our suppliers also share our passion for helping protect both nature and the farmers who grow our raw ingredients.

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