Trees for Life

Our motto is to be 'in pursuit of life', and that's exactly why we chose to work with Trees for Life as we believe that there is little more rewarding than helping to preserve and grow the natural woodland and ecosystems that make our world breathe.

We've started growing a small grove of trees in the wonderful surroundings of the Caledonian Forest and, over time, our aim is for this small grove to be transformed into a large, natural habitat for all forms of wildlife to thrive.

Introducing Trees for Life

This short video gives a great overview of what Trees for Life are doing to help preserve our native wildlife and the beautiful ecosystems in which they live.

Should you wish to help our grove flourish, you can make a donation simply by clicking the following link and then ‘Add trees to this grove’.

The Healthy Tree Company and Trees for Life: 'In Pursuit of Life'

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."