Part 2

Strasbourg, France

I had heard many good things about the city of Strasbourg and it definitely didn’t disappoint. This charming city located in the Alsace region, and is best known for its blend of German-French influence. This shows in its stunning architecture, delicious food and rich culture.

Strasbourg 02Strasbourg 03

Located along the River Ile, Petite France is a maze of narrow cobblestone streets with ancient Tudor style buildings which form part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We started the day by taking the tram into the city centre, and climbing the 300 steps of the Cathedral which is situated directly in the centre of the city.

Strasbourg 03Strasbourg 04

Once we climbed to the top, we were presented with a great bird’s eye view of the medieval rooftops below. To celebrate this achievement, we treated ourselves to a coffee from one of the cute boulangerie’s in Petite France. To my amazement they sold freshly baked Cacao bread, which I was sure to snap up and learn the recipe. As we continued strolling down the street, I came across a fresh juice café, and had to also try their mixed spirulina and kiwi smoothie. This gave me the energy to continue my day of sightseeing. At sunset we embarked on a guided ‘Batorama’ boat tour, which took us down the river, to learn more about the history of this fascinating city.

Strasbourg 06Spirulina Smoothie

Organic Cacao BreadStrasbourg 10

In the evening we selected a restaurant called “Au Brasseur” which is best known for its “Tarte Flambee”. This is a specialty dish from the Alsace region composed of dough rolled out thinly, covered in crème fraiche or Fromage Blanc, onions and various toppings. I opted for a Vegetarian variation and Anthony tried the Pork Knuckle with sauerkraut. The food was absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend to anyone visiting the Alsace region.

Strasbourg 09Au Brasseur, Strasbourg

Strasbourg had plenty to offer with interesting history, picturesque buildings, and delicious food. It is exciting to see how they are now adapting traditional dishes to include modern healthy ingredients, such as Cacao and Spirulina!

Before I set off on the next step of my trip, I whipped up this simple go-to Peruvian smoothie which includes organic maca root, cacao powder and cacao nibs - perfect for when you are in a hurry but still want to get in a good amount of nutrients and energy!

Organic Cacao and Maca Superfood Smoothie:

Blend together...

1 cup of almond milk

1 banana

1 tbsp organic cacao powder

1 tbsp organic raw maca powder

Top with organic raw cacao nibs and enjoy!


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