Superfood Benefits ... Why Are Superfoods So Super?

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What are the health benefits of superfoods and do they really deserve their superior, sensational (and slightly snobbish) status? Alliteration aside, superfoods aren't just the latest fad! Many have been eaten for thousands of years and they really do provide some OUTSTANDING health benefits.

Take our baobab powder for instance; It has SIX TIMES the amount of vitamin C as an orange, gram for gram! And that's not all ... did you know that our spirulina is 66% protein and has all of the essential amino acids?

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What are superfoods?

'Superfood' has evolved into something of a buzz-word in recent years as we have grown to be more health-aware. Perhaps this shift in awareness is due to the ease of access to information regarding that which we put into our bodies, where social media plays a pivotal role by sharing the good, the bad and the ugly around the world. This, coupled with the rise in fast/processed foods, child obesity levels and media scandals such as the origins of supermarket meat, has catapulted superfoods and related products into the mainstream.

Superfoods are wide-ranging but all share a common theme. They are a particularly nutrient-rich set of foods such as seeds, berries, fruits, vegetables, algae and grains which have many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that can have a positive effect on the functions of the body. Most ‘healthy’ foods may contain a few nutritional properties but superfoods are labelled as such because they generally have many more.

Examples of superfoods might be those that we sell, such as coconut oil, bee pollen, spirulina, chlorella and cacao etc. but there are also those which can be easily bought in supermarkets such as blueberries, cranberries, spinach, kale, ginger and seaweed.

Why are superfoods important?

Although most of us are guilty of this to varying extents, it has become very easy to pick up an unhealthy snack or eat a takeaway meal. This can often be attributed to our busy lifestyles but we aren’t helped by the fact that unhealthy snacks tend to be cheaper than healthy alternatives due to their processed and/or artificial ingredients. Eating too many unhealthy or processed foods can, however, have long-term negative effects on our bodily functions, internal organs, skin, hair and teeth. Therefore it is of every-growing importance that we rely on superfoods to get the nutrients that our bodies need to ensure we give ourselves the best chance of living a full and healthy life.

Superfood benefits to our health

Each superfood has its own specific characteristics and nutritional profile. Typical examples and benefits include the boosting of the immune system, removal of toxins and free radicals in the body, lowering cholesterol, maintaining healthy weight, increasing metabolism and building strong bones and teeth, among others

Raw cacao nibs, as opposed to regular cocoa, are high in magnesium, fibre and potassium and have no added sugar. Spirulina and Chlorella are amino acid powerhouses and have huge antioxidant properties, both being some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can find anywhere on the planet. Organic coconut oil is a fantastic alternative to cooking with regular fats and butters and also has many other uses such as lip balm, hair/body moisturiser and sunburn relief.

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